Rules & Regulations

The contract overleaf is governed by the following stipulated rules and regulations.


The term exhibitor(s) includes any individual, company, organization, firm, or anybody else who is allotted space for the purpose of exhibiting his/their products/services.


The term "Organiser" wheThe term "Organiser" wherever mentioned shall mean ‘EXIM INDIA’

Space Allocation:n mind the interests of the exhibition as a whole, the exhibitor will be allocated the space and position required on a first come first served basis.

Cancellation by Exhibitor:

The organiser reserves the right to refuse cancellation by thThe organiser reserves the right to refuse cancellation by the exhibitor after 31st December 2011. No refund will be made, if participation is withdrawn.

Payment terms:g. 2) 75 % three months before the event

Consequential Loss:

In case of the event being cancelled or suspended in whole or in part for causes not in the Organiser’s control, the Organiser do not accept any consequential liability in any such eventuality.


Although a twenty-four hour security service will be in operation throughout the event, Exhibitors should take all possible precautions to minimise loss or damage to the equipment outside of event open hours.

Government Taxes:

Government tax(es) extra as applicable.


A) The organisers reserve the right to modify the floor plan under circumstances beyond their control.

B) Material can be taken out from the exhibition venue only against authorised gate passes issued by the Organiser.

C) Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Exhibition Premises.