Mr Ashok Janakiram, President, ASIC & Chairman, FEDSAI

I understand the event was a hit with the local fraternity and was very well conducted.

Certainly missed being present. Kudos to your efforts.

Mr T. Venkataraman, Managing Director, Goodrich Maritime Pvt.Ltd.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and found the topics, especially the local ones, quite captivating.

The crowd was a revelation to me. Location after location when I attend your programme
I find the kind of interest your publication generates on a pan-India basis quite stupendous.

Mr B. K. Khambatta, Branch Manager, Interocean Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Kudos to you and your team for an excellent award ceremony. Everything went off very well and with clock work precision.

What was most pleasing to see was the attendance. The hall was packed and crowded with all the luminaries of the Kolkata Shipping fraternity.

Wish you even more success in future.

Ms Sudarshini Gupta, Director, JKG Associates Pvt. Ltd.

I would like to gracefully congratulate you and your organisation for organising such a wonderful and resourceful event.

Mr Mannu Choudhary, Director, M. K. Agency & Masum Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

The entire programme was very well managed. We are looking forward for these types of events in future.