CARGO SCOPE 2011 presents a grand opportunity, at your doorstep and for the first time in the region, to explore the strength, vibrancy and future requirements of cargo and logistics in South East India.

The International Conference, on containerisation, infrastructure, cargo, logistics and transport, will see high-profile and eminent speakers shed light on the various aspects of port infrastructure and cargo movement, including enhancing hinterland connectivity and boosting multimodal transportation to ensure seamless movement for the end-users.

Here, new paths and innovative strategies will be explored to boost the maritime and logistics sector in South East India and, in the process, improve the country's trade outlook for the future.

The International Exhibition will showcase the best and latest of products and services on offer in South East India.

Also being held along with CARGO SCOPE 2011 is Bulk Trans 2011, the authoritative conference on dry bulk cargo. India being one of the world's fastest growing economies, bulk shipping facilitates trade in critical commodities like coal, iron ore, cement, minerals etc. which contribute to driving its growth. But, what are the current trends in dry bulk cargo and its transportation? What does the future hold? Are ports and carriers equipped to handle the increasing volumes? How is demand for dry bulk commodities likely to pan out in future? What are the concerns of dry bulk cargo shippers and consumers? What is the kind of infrastructure augmentation needed to streamline the process of dry bulk transportation? What are the policy changes that can be brought about? Can coastal shipping and inland waterways be options for dry bulk transportation? What are the challenges and opportunities this sector presents? Bulk Trans 2011 will provide answers to all this and more. It will be a comprehensive discourse on dry bulk cargo, covering facts, issues and solutions, with participation from leading national and international sectoral players.